Fritz Pregl

Fritz Pregl (* 3. September 1869 in Ljubljana; † 13. December 1930 in Graz), Austrian chemist of Slovenian origin.

Pregl received the Nobelpreis for chemistry to 1923 “for the microanalysis of organic substances “ developed by it. It was starting from 1913 tidy professor at Institut for applied medical chemistry in Graz, before he was 3 years full professor for medical chemistry in Innsbruck. Pregl was for the further development of clinical-chemical analytics of decisive importance. Only by its investigationsbecame it in principle possible to accomplish accurate analyses also in smallest sample quantities, how they usually result when clinical chemical investigations. Pregls work led lasting progress to in the metabolic, hormone and enzyme research.

In Innsbruck the Fritz Pregl road is after itdesignated, at which institutes of the medical University of Innsbruck and the urban west cemetery are.

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