Fritz Thiedemann

Fritz Thiedemann (* 3. March 1918 in heath; † 8. January 2000 ebenda) was a German jumping rider, farmer and an entrepreneur.

Together with Hans Günter Winkler was Fritz Thiedemann the outstanding German jumping rider of the 1950er years. With the olympic summer games 1952 in Helsinki it achieved the outstanding achievement as an only rider of the world bronze medal in the jumping riding and with the German Dressurmannschaft bronze medal to likewise win.

With the olympic rider plays in Stockholm 1956 it won the gold medal with the German crew in the jumping riding. It could repeat this with the plays in Rome 1960. Into Rome it the honour was transferred to carry the German flag during the feed of the crews during the opening celebration.

The name Fritz Thiedemann is closely connected with at that time world-wide most successful Springpferd meteor, with which it achieved also most titles.


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