Frode Andresen

Frode Andresen (* 9. September 1973 in Rotterdam) is a Norwegian Biathlet and ski long runner.

Andresen is considered as introvertierter, word-meager type. He lives together with the Biathletin Gunn Margit Andreassen , with which he has a son (David, * 2004).

Its largest success in the Biathlon was the olympia victory 2002 in the relay, the olympic silver medal 1998 over 10 km and the bronze medal in the 10km-Sprint with the olympic winter plays 2006 in Turin. In addition, Andresen had to often overcome crises: 1998 it was not set up after a controversy in the silver relay of Nagano (it was replaced by Trade Union of German Employees Bjørndalen). it won 2000 in Oslo WM-gold in the Sprint; however the running jury determined that it had already introduced a magazine before the start into the weapon, what for safety reasons only at the shooting range before shooting is directly permitted. Despite opposing protests the jury the disputed decision fällte that Andresen was allowed to keep its title; its he returned gold medal however later voluntarily.

Andresens an unusual goal are the ski long run world championships, for which it for preparation partly some Biathlon - Weltcuprennen omits.

In last Weltcup running of the season it still gave 2005/2006 up when last running in Oslo before first shooting.


  • olympic winter plays:
    • 1998: 1x silver (Biathlon Sprint)
    • 2002: 1x gold (Biathlon relay)
    • 2006: 1x bronze (Biathlon Sprint)
  • Biathlon world championships:
    • 1995: 1x gold (crew)
    • 1999: 2x bronze (Sprint, relay)
    • 2000: 1x gold (Sprint), 1x silver (relay)
    • 2001: 1x bronze (relay)
  • Biathlon Gesamtweltcup:
    • Place 3 (2000/01)
  • Biathlon Weltcupsiege:
    • 15 (conditions: 19. January 2006)


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