Front flight clip

the front flight clip became to 30. January 1941 donated by realm marshal Hermann Göring for the Air Force. It should be lent as “visible indication of the acknowledgment of probation with the front employment in air”, as it meant in the award regulation.

The front flight clip gave it in three different variants in metal, whose distinction lay within which range the Air Force jew. Excellent its service did. This was independent of whether it itself directly around combat missions or z. B. Weather reconnaissance employments acted. This honor could be lent also to crew ranks.

Starting from 20 front flights the front flight clip in bronze was lent, starting from 60 front flights in silver and starting from 110 front flights in gold. With the award of a next higher stage the clip already carried had to be put down. It was carried on the left breast pocket, directly under the medal buckle.

Since in the process of the war front flights were far exceeded of 110, came to 26. June 1942 by Göring of the trailers to the golden front flight clip in addition, which underneath the clip mobile one attached. This was lent

  • with hunt and transportation federations after at least 500
  • , fall combat, destroyer and battle federations after at least 400
  • , combat, distress federations and weather reconnaissance relays after at least
  • 300 clearing-up and night interception federations after at least 250

front flights.

Front flight clip for battle flier gold
front flight clip for battle flier gold 200
front flight clip for battle flier gold 600

to 29. April 1944 was added finally the “trailer to the golden front flight clip with employment number”, with which one could distinguish individual number of front flights in 100er steps. Göring had introduced the front flight clip at the same time to gold with brilliants, whose award he reserved itself however. The dive bomber flier Colonel Hans Ulrich herd flew 2530 employments. The front flight clip in gold with brilliants and the trailer with the employment number of 2000 was lent to it.

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