Foot rags

foot rags are a clothing of the foot, which was common, until socks generally its function took over. This concerns cloths, which around the foot put and/or. are folded.

They were carried mainly in boots, in order to avoid a Wundscheuern to experience and bind around sweat additional stop with the footstep.

In Germany they were still up to the Second World War e.g. for soldiers common. In Eastern Europe they become this very day in ärmlichen areas e.g. by mountain workers uses.

When not appropiate folding it could come to blisters at the foot. Therefore there were regulations every now and then with the military, how the foot rags were to be put on.

For the foot rags the simplicity spoke. The preparation of socks is substantially more complicated, since a hose must be manufactured. Socks in the today's sense were therefore long time to only elevated conditions at the disposal.

It is accepted that skins and leather rags already served in the Bronzezeit and in antique Egypt as (exclusive) footwear.


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