Göttinger moose

of the Göttinger moose becomes since 1997 for “a life's work of sow-Irish provenance and - or an sow-Irish multiple gift” assign. The moose initiated of the Göttinger journalist and Ausstellungsmacher WP driving mountain in the year, when the word made moose test economic situation. The city Goettingen hadthe honor in memory of George Christoph Lichtenberg production. The name of the price is the quotation F. W. Amberthe sharpest critics of the moose in former times which “were dedicated.

The satire price is with 3.333, 33 euro, 99 doses “original Göttinger moose Rahmsüppchen” and a substantialsilver moose Brosche endows; the winners receive besides the membership in the venerable “Lichtenberg company”.


the moose jury

  • WP driving mountain, exhibition office Goettingen;
  • Hilmar Beck, specialty service culture of the city Goettingen;
  • Achim Frenz, historical museum Frankfurt;
  • Martin Sunday, Caricatura gallery Kassel;
  • Tete Böttger, Arkana publishing house Goettingen, as well as the acting winner.

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