Günter of gau

grave of Günter of gau on the Dorotheenstädti cemetery in Berlin.

Günter of gau (* 23. November 1929 in Braunschweig; † 14. May 2004 in Reinbek with Hamburg) was a German journalist, journalist, a diplomat and a politician.

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of gau buildup as a son of a buyer in Braunschweig, where it acquired the Abitur at the Gauss school. Afterwards it studied Germanistik and history at that Ludwig Maximilians university Munich. Already in the study it became also journalistically active. In the 1950er and 1960er years worked he at different daily and weekly papers, among them the mirror and the South German newspaper, where it was 1961 to 1965 political editor.

Admits became its transmission row the person, for the first time to 10. April 1963 in the Second Channel of German Television was radiated. Herein presented gau in each case a guest in form of an interview. The Portraits of politicians, scientists and artists, developed in such a way, appliestoday as classical authors and until today on the television are repeated. The row (partly among other things titles) on different third programs, occasionally also for dctp with Sat.1, transferred of gau, which separately in the transmissions was to be only heard,Decades away.

1965 to 1968 he was a television director with the southwest radio, 1966 also director/conductor of the political TV-magazine report. After it had taken in the middle of the 1960er years in books to the current political situation in the Federal Republic of position, it became 1969 Editor-in-chief of the mirror. The sheet and gau supported the east politics of the social liberals coalition. 1973 changed gau into the policy and became undersecretary of state in the Office of the Federal Chancellor. It was as first directors/conductors of the constant agency of the Federal Republic of Germany in thatGDR intended and transferred this office also after the entry into force of the basis-of-relations treaty and the mechanism of the constant agency in the year 1974.

In this position, which he held until 1981, it knew government many humanitarian easements as „ a chief negotiator “with the GDR -negotiate for German-German contacts. Among its earnings/services rank among other things 17 agreements, which made for example the building for the motorway possible Hamburg Berlin and easements in the transit traffic.

1976 had occurred gau also the SPD. it gave the office of the Permanent Representative to 1981off (successors:Klaus Bölling) and became for short time senator for science and art in Berlin. After the defeat at the polls of the SPD with the Lower House choice 1981 it turned again to the journalistic activity.

Into the 1980er years wroteit several books for the situation of the Federal Republic and the German-German relations as well as to the security politics. Its journalistic work was appreciated with different honors (see below).

Since 1990 he was co-editor of the left weekly paper Friday. It accompanied the reunification, critically forwardseverything „the internal unit lacking “it problematisierte again and again.

2001 he withdrew because of „the unrestricted solidarity “from Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder with the USA - government from the SPD.

2004 appeared its memoirs of contradictions. It died to 14. May 2004at laryngeal cancer. Buried it lies on the Dorotheenstädtisch Friedrichswerder cemetery in Berlin center.



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