Günter Litfin

Günter Litfin (* 19. January 1937 in Berlin; † 24. August 1961 in Berlin) was the first dead one at the citizens of Berlin wall.

The cutter from the quarter white lake was like his father member of the illegal circle federation the west CDU. Litfin worked already in the west, in the proximity of the zoo-logical garden, and a dwelling in the western part of the city had already found. Still to 12. It drove August together with its brother to Charlottenburg, in order to furnish the new dwelling. Its departure project was terminated on the next morning, when wall was already developed the citizens of Berlin, abruptly. Therefore Litfin undertook to 24. August against 16 o'clock the escape attempt deadly for it.

From the Humboldthafen Litfin wanted to through-swim from the Spree going off channel to the west side. However he was discovered when crossing the railway bridge, which leads across the channel, by transportation policemen and met after several warnings deadly.

In memory of it and the other wall-dead 1992 a memorial place were furnished, in addition in the quarter Pankow a road was designated after him.

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