Günter Parche

Günter Parche (* 4. July 1954 in Hengen, Germany), by occupation turner, became 1993 by the assassination attempt on Monica Seles briefly admits.

Parche saw itself as glowing Verehrer of Steffi Graf, the German Tennisspielerin leading at that time. When count was defeated 1990 with the German open in Berlin in the final game of Seles, Parche felt this as disaster and carried even with suicide thoughts. Its hate on Seles, developed at that time, solidified itself, when it replaced 1991 count at the point of the tennis world rank list of the Mrs.

To 30. It attacked and hurt April 1993 therefore with a tennis tournament in Hamburg Seles in a play break with a measurer it at the back. While the injury was physically not serious, Seles was heavily damaged by the psychological consequences of the attack. It could play only over two years later tournament, achieved however never again completely its earlier form.

Parche certified in the court hearing one „hochabnorme personality structure “and decreased control ability. Because of these circumstances he was only condemned because of dangerous bodily injury to a punishment by two years prison on probation. It is to have expected and accept a clearly higher punishment before its act.

Many humans, among them also Seles, felt the punishment as unsatisfactorily small. Seles tried in vain to achieve in an appointment negotiation a higher punishment.


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