Günter Sieber

Günter Sieber (* 11. March 1930 in Ilmenau) was a Minister for trade and supply and Ambassador of the GDR in Poland.

Sieber was to 1947 forest skilled workers and to 1948 forest candidates in Ilmenau, thereafter main oh editor in the German economic commission. it joined 1948 the SED and completed 1949 - 1950 a study at the German academy for state and jurisprudence in potsdam. 1949 1951 he was an adviser in the Ministry for planning and to 1952 main adviser in the national plan commission. After a study at the party university he was to 1962 a party secretary of the national plan commission, to 1963 of deputy chairmen of the centers commission for national control at the Council of Ministers and to 1965 of first deputy ones of the chairman of the committee of the worker and farmer inspection. In addition it was 1963 1967 member of the centers revision commission of the SED.

After the remote study at Zentralinstitut for socialist business management Sieber was as successors of Gerhard Lucht 1965 a 1972 Minister for trade and supply and to 1980 Ambassador of the GDR in Polish People's Republic.

1976 he became candidate and 1981 member of the central committee of the SED, here since 1980 as a director/conductor of the department of international relations. 1981 1990 was it as a delegate of the people chamber member of the committee for foreign affairs. Of 8. November to 3. December 1989 he was candidate of the Politbüros of the ZK of the SED and secretary of the ZK.

1979 received the patriotic earnings/service medal to Sieber.


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