Günther Bahr

Günther Bahr (* 15. March 1944 in Vienna), is i.e. that Austrian moderator, which moderated the legendary transmission driver on the way longest, from November 1970 until April 1999.

In this time the native Viennese arranged more than 3,000 Live-Sendungen of this row. Actually it had studied economic science at the university at that time for world trade. When at the end of of 1969 should be into the practice, the ORF wrote at that time an extensive speaker test out. Conditions for the participation: at least Matura (Abitur), after possibility higher education, at least two foreign languages, flowing, accent-free, at least speech technique training, after possibility play school, etc., etc. Günther Bahr was one of 10 winners, those from the pool of approx. 2000 ORF avid one became filtered. In an intensive training the different training were brought on a uniform level. Then it went into the employment: Message, sport, program service in sound broadcasting and television. Until finally driver called on the way. Beside this extremely popular row and moderated Günther Bahr arranged numerous transmission rows (e.g. Blue Berets - the transmission for the Austrian UN soldiers with radio Austria international, the short wave program of the ORF). At approximately 1980 it began to give its knowledge and its extensive experience to the ORF new generation further. In the consequence ever more private enterprises and public agencies came on the thought to engage the experienced moderator and coach to out and further training. In seminars he prepared high-level personnel for interviews and television discussions, trained with specialists in the ministry of the Interior negotiations (like this for instance with takings of hostages among other things is necessary) and prepared also “future colleagues” for its start in the electronic media. When 1999 drivers on the way one adjusted, Bahr seized the resolution to place itself completely on own feet: that succeeded to it with MEDIATRAINING ([1]) also. In best agreement it left its ORF” in September 2002 “. It is today one of the most looked for speaking and medium coaches of Austria, that its knowledge, its being able and its experience with large success also at professional schools and other academic educational facilities to interested one continues to give. Beyond that is still for a long time not for Günther Bahr the out and further training to end: two studies employ it: Psychotraumatologie and university didactics. Günther Bahr is married and has a son (Christoph, *16. April 1983). This uses its kommunikatives talent successfully to sell a pallet of exclusive französicher cars ([2])


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