Günther Sabetzki

Dr. Günther Sabetzki (* 4. June 1915 in Duesseldorf; † 22. June 2000 in Duesseldorf) was a German ice-sport-official, buyer, a political economist, a journalist and a publisher. He was a president of the German ice hockey of federation and the international ice hockey federation. Since 1994 it is member in that Hockey resounds to OF Fame

personal record

after Günther Sabetzki at the crowd refuge High School its Abitur had existed, made it commercial teachings with the Klöckner Eisenhandel in Duesseldorf. Further studied it at the universities Munich and Cologne national economy. After he was a diploma political economist, he attained a doctorate to the Dr. rer. pole. in Cologne.

Starting from 1936 he worked as a free journalist. Between 1940 and 1943 he worked as an economic editor at the Frankfurt newspaper. 1944 and 1945 he was a federation managing director sheet metal packing. Until 1951 it was with the Rhine echo as an editor. Subsequently, to 1970 managing directors of the press office Roebel.

1958 he was selected for the first time to the chairman ice sport of the federation North Rhine-Westphalia. It held this office until 1995 . During the establishment of the German ice hockey federation (DEB) to 16. June 1963 it was initial member and together with Ludwig Zametzer to the first president (in the first year it gave two equal presidents) was selected. From 1964 to 1984 he was then vice-president of the DEB.

1970 he was founder and managing director (until 1990) of global presses press agency and news services GmbH with seat in Duesseldorf.

1975 he was selected to the first German president of the international ice hockey federation (IIHF). After it 1994 at the congress in Venice of the office of the IIHF president withdrew appointed it the IIHF honorary presidents and it became into the Hockey resounds to OF Fame in Toronto (1995) as well as IIHF resounding OF Fame (1997) taken up. In its time as a IIHF president it fetched the Canadian professionals back to the world championships . It gave an economic basis to the world union by sponsor activities and modernized it. Further supported it the new generation work and promoted the small nations. It made the participation in the Canada Cup for the Europeans possible

1982 was considerably involved in the establishment of the first ice hockey lady league of Germany it together with Wolfgang concern.

1988 he was joint founder resounds to OF Fame Germany, in which it is also member.

In addition was Dr. Günther Sabetzki of active Feldhockey - players and representative players Rhine country and Hessen in the Feldhockey.

To 22. June 2000 deceased to Dr. Günther Sabetzki in its hometown Duesseldorf.

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