GB stands for:

  • To Great Britain, after the Ländercode of the ISO 3166-1
  • gigabyte “, a memory quantity unit in computer science, see storage capacity
  • Government Binding theory, a Rektions and connection theory of linguistics
  • GameBoy, a console of the manufacturer Nintendo
  • large picture“, see large size
  • Gilbert (unit), an outdated electromagnetic cgs unit
  • Guojia Biaozhun, which Chinese standardization organization, similar to which German DIN
  • business report, an annual report of large enterprises
  • uses guest book, in particular in the Internet frequently as abbreviation for electronic guest books

Gb stands for:

gB stands for:

  • Genossenschaftliche use of land, the legal power the LPG for the comprehensive and continuing use soil
this side is one Term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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