Gabriel Heinze

Gabriel Ivén Heinze (* 19. April 1978 in Crespo, Argentina) is an Argentine football player, 2005 plays he in the COMPANY Prime Minister League with Manchester United.

Heinze won olympic gold with the Argentine national soccer team in the year 2004. It participated in the Konföderationen cup 2005 . However it lost the final with its crew against the South American rival with 1:4. He is a central defensive player.

Its father originates from Germany, its nut/mother from Italy, however he was born in Argentina and began its career with Newell's old Boys. He speaks Walisisch apart from Spanish, German and Italian also, since he grew up in Patagonien, where many people speak this language, their ancestors in 19. Century from Great Britain immigrated.

Its first station in Europe was 1997 material Valladolid. Subsequently, it changed 1998/99 to Sporting Lisbon, and after one season again back to Spain. After a successful year with Valladolid it became 2001 of of Paris pc. Germain bought up. It won 2003/04 French the cup and the French championship.

Heinze has an Italian and a German passport, however he had the option to play for its homeland Argentina. With the Argentine crew it plays around the qualification to the WM 2006 in Germany. The defense player Heinze changed 2004 to Manchester and signed a 5-Jahresvertrag.

Heinze is considered as strong and offensive defense players. Heinze made its debut for ManU with a gate in September 2004 with 2:2 against Bolton of Wanderers.


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