Gabriel Marcel

Gabriel Marcel (* 7. December 1889 in Paris; † 8. October 1973 ebenda) was a French philosopher and the prominent representative of the Christian Existentialismus.

Marcel was active after its philosophy study as lector and theatre critics in the publishing trade and late professor at several universities. As a son not practicing Jewish parents was it first Atheist, converted however 1929 to the catholicism. Marcels turn to „the nut/mother church “can be understood as compensation for the early death of its own nut/mother (v. Kloeden).

Affected by Henri Bergson still turned Marcel before Jean Paul Sartre to the Existentialismus, wanted to know itself however rather than „Neo Sokratiker “designation.

In its most important works Être et avoir (credit and its, 1935), Le mystère de l' être (secret of the Seins, 1951) and L' homme problematique (humans as problem, 1955) turned Marcel against article-light thinking of the modern times, which orients itself at materialistic technokratischem having and ordering wools. Instead arrive it to recognize the Mysterium of the Seins. The level of having must be transzendiert in the love, experiencable for which other no more object is („it “), but in the dialogue opposite („you “).

Sartres atheistisch radical liberty term rejected Marcel: Liberty is not autonomous, but must be filled by love, hope and „creative loyalty “. The solidarity with God as „the absolute you “regarded Marcel as a worthwhile life goal.

Marcel wrote also 28 plays, which are concerned frequently with the shortness of human existences, among them to Le of moons cassé (the broken world, 1933).

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