Gabriel of Seidl

Gabriel of Seidl (* 9. December 1848 in Munich, † 27. April 1913 in bath Tölz) was a German architect and representative of historicism.

Honoured as a honorary chairman of the Corps Germania, honour curator of the Bavarian national museum, honour member of the academy of the forming arts as well as honour citizen of the cities Munich, Speyer and Tölz.

Gabriel of Seidl worked first as a machine technician, studied at the residents of Munich academy architecture and stayed then in Rome. it opened a studio for Innendekoration to 1878.

1902 it created the Isartalverein [ 1 ] in the house of artists, in order to prevent after the establishment of the first power stations of the Isarwerke the further destruction of the Isartals.

1900 were raised Gabriel from Seidl into the nobility and appointed the knight of the medal Pour le mérite. To 14. April 1909 followed new building of the historical museum of the Pfalz in Speyer “the appointment as the honour citizen of Speyer, established by it, because of its earnings/services around the establishment , 1913 of Munich.

Gabriels brother Emanuel of Seidl was likewise an architect, this was however at that time not in such a way admits like he.



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