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symbol Gal
dimension acceleration (A)
SI 0.01 m/s ²

the Gal (mentioned after Galileo Galilei) is those Unit, in which the Schwerebeschleunigung on earth is mostly indicated:

1 Gal
= 1000 mGal = 1 cm/s ²

it is therefore no SI - unit and becomes since 1. January 1978 no more for the legal indication of acceleration does not use. Permissible in Germany andAustria is in addition only more the indication in the SI-UNIT m/s ².

In the Earth's gravity field „the force of gravity varies “because of the flattening of our planet over up to 0,5 per cent and amounts to

to which still in each case the vertical gradient of approximately -0.305 Gal per km comes.

In geophysics and geodesy one measures the Schwerebeschleunigung out, around the structure of the earth's crust, its stores and the Geoiddetermine. One computes the deviations of the true from „the theoretical “gravity field of the middle earth ellipsoid. These Schwereanomalien reach about ± 0.3 Gal, however in Milligal are indicated. They can be measured with modern Gravimetern on ±0,001 mGal = 0.01 µm/s ² exactly, thus on 1:1 billion.

For example the largest Schwereanomalie is in the east alps Δg = -200 mGal, because the earth's crust under large mountains down-continues to hand into the Earth's mantle as elsewhere. But the loose sediments of a broad alpine valley already cause and/or. the Viennese of basin or the Rhine ditchChanges to 20 mGal and/or. nearly 100 mGal.

¹) this value under 45° was used for the definitionof kilopond “, the earlier unit of force, (1 kp = 9.80665 Newton).

See also: Galileo, Gesteinsdichte, Gravimetrie, Schwerkraft, SI, balances

of SI prefixes
Name Yotta Zetta Exa Peta Tera Giga mega Kilo of Hekto Deka
symbol Y Z E P T G M k h there
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name Dezi Zenti milli micro nano pico Femto Atto Zepto Yocto
symbol D C m µ n p f A z y
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