the Galeasse is both sailing boat and rowing boat and primarily and warship was used. It developed as advancement of the Galeere around 1570. The name is derived from the Italian Galea grossa. The first large employment took placein the sea-battle of Lepanto 1571.

Galeassen were more highly built than Galeeren and could be so only heavily geentert. The Beseglung consisted of three masts with in each case a Lateinersegel. Depth, length and weight were clearly higher thanthe more agile Galeeren. So the Galeassen could carry for more armament also clearly than Galeeren: While with Galeeren of this epoch all cannons at the nose were concentrated, the armament of the Galeassen over the whole ship were distributed. So Galeassen could also afterPort and/or. To starboard fire, while the Galeeren at that time could shoot only in driving direction. Thus one counted that combat capability corresponded to a Galeasse of the combat capability of five Galeeren.

In the sea-battle of Lepanto six Galeassen were used. In the sea-battleagainst the Spanish Armada 1588 were used on Spanish page Galeassen with 18 cannons and 26 lighter cannons. There however Galeassen on high lake sailing boats like e.g. Galeonen were clearly underlaid, disappeared this ship type after that to 16. Century quitefast again of the Weltmeeren.


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