Gallery forest

as gallery forest one designates a forest, which extends along the banks of a river in a unbewaldeten or with another type of forest existed landscape.

Gallery forests often are along rivers in arid areas, in which due to the Wassermangels otherwise no forest grows. The gallery forest is a extrazonale form of vegetation , it prospers here there only because of the special local conditions.

Gallery forest can form even due to more favorable soil conditions at the river bank. Example for this are the levels of the Llanos in Venezuela, where despite high precipitation grasses prevail and are wooded only the embankments. There a hard and Lateritkruste in the soil, through-urgent for roots, hardly prevents the Arecife, the growth of trees. The continuous crust of the Arecife broke through on the bank, so that forest prospers there.

Along the valleys of Omaruru, Swakop and Kuiseb in the centers Namib there are gallery forests likewise. Here the Flussbetten are filled out with a powerful sand layer, in which also into dry times groundwater flows.


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