it gives two Galmeiveilchen in the kind of the violets (Viola): the yellow Galmeiveilchen (Viola lutea calaminaria) and the violet Galmei Stiefmütterchen (Viola guestphalica).

The name “Galmeiveilchen” comes from mountain one niches the expression Galmei for special Zinkerze, raw materials of the brass production, which in addition lead and manganese connections contained and very near the surface lie. The places, at which these are to be found, are heavy metal-loaded therefore by nature very strongly, for most plant types are poisonous these places therefore. Few specialists however, so also the actually competition-weak Galmeiveilchen, trained a very high tolerance in the course of their evolution against heavy metals and to know so these ecological niches unbedrängt to occupy. Galmeiveilchen are extremely rare kinds.

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