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GamalAbdel of wet (جمالعبدالناصر Gamāl ʿAbd on-Nāsir) (* 15. January 1918 in Alexandria; † 28. September 1970 in Cairo) was an Egyptian statesman and between 1954 and 1970 president. It belongs to the most important Arab statesmen 20. Century.

Alreadyin its youth wet was engaged political and turned against foreign influences on the Egyptian policy.1935 he came because of “umstürzlerischer activity” into remand. Regardless of its it could visit the military academy Cairo since 1937. After the establishment of the State of Israel in the year 1948 triedto cancel it - like most Arab world - this with martial means. Wetter the “committee of the free officers”, those followed the fall of the king Faruq I. under general Ali Muhammad Nagib. to 26. July 1952 accomplished. Commander-in-Chief that became wetterArmed forces, 1953 Ministers of the Interior. To 14. November 1954 set wet the president off Nagib and took over the office. In June 1956 wet was selected by choice into the office of the Egyptian president.

Internationally wet was common with Josip Broz Tito from Yugoslavia, Jawaharlal Nehru from India and the Indonesian host Achmed Sukarno a driving Kraft to the first conference of establishment of the non-aligned states in Bandung.

With Great Britain it could close the Suesvertrag. By the nationalization of the Sueskanals to 26. July 1956 and the attack exerted by it of France, Great Britainand Israel wet had suffered, could a military defeat however owing to the intervention of the superpowers a political victory carry off, which made him the unquestioned leader of the Arab world (Sueskrise).

Egypt approached the Soviet Union on, without becoming however socialist. Wetteradvanced the building of the Aswan dam. It promoted the training of the Egyptian youth, among other things in which it made it possible a free education. Likewise it introduced the woman right to vote. In order to put the economy under state control after communist model, above all the non-Egyptian minorities became - Jew, Greek,Armenian, Italian, Malteser and Maroniten - without consideration from the country hunted. The best heads were missing thereafter and the economy continued to drop back always.

1958 united Egypt and Syria to United Arabic Republic. Their president became wetter. This step becomes as firstStep for the creation of a united Arab state outstandingly. However this thing broke, when 1961 loose-said itself Syria of the union. In this time wet for many was the epitome of Arab national awaking and projection of all desires, a geeinte, strong, to create Arab nation. Thisalso “wetism” one calls, which broke down however 1967 in itself and caused an internal disorientation with many humans. Partly by the arising Islamic fundamentalism one used.

In the six-day war 1967 Israel caused a sensitive defeat to the Egyptian army. Wetter lost his nimbus than herothe Egyptian people, remained however in the office. With the defeat of 1967 the fall of the Arab nationalism begins , to whose general agents wet belonged. In the war of attrition (1968-1970) it at least partly succeeded to wet to re-establish the self-assurance of the Egyptian troops. As Israel in the course of the yearly 1969the over hand won, saw themselves forced to wet to ask under large concessions with the Soviets for support. The difficult war situation with frequent Israeli air raids on Egyptian cities had at this time heavily added to it health already.

Gamal Abdel of wet died to 28. September 1970 inCairo and was replaced from Anwar as-Sadat as president. At the mourning course for the deceased took at the 1. October 1970 estimated eight million humans part, the so far largest number of mourning with a funeral. The Defilee went out of control and chaotic conditions in the city was the consequence.

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