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different Game of Boy models

of the Game Boy is a Handheld console of the Japanese company Nintendo. He was presented 1989 to the public for the first time. By skillful marketing, small manufacturing costs and good plays the Game Boy came to world fame and is to today the usually-sold video game console.

First the Game Boy was available only with the Russian play Tetris, which became thereby one of the most successful computer games of all times. Later there was also a entbundelte version. The Game Boy became often affectionate“cookie box” calls.

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first version of the Game Boy (1989)

the technical details of the classical Game Boys:

  • Manufacturer: Nintendo
  • feature year: 1989
  • processor: Z80 - Reproduction (8-bit), 4.19 MHz
  • memory: 8 KByte RAM
  • module sizes: 256 KBit, 512 KBit, 1 MBit, 2 MBit, 4 MBit, 8 MBit, 16 MBit
  • sound: 4 channel Stereo
  • diagram: DOT matrix LCD, size 2,6 ", max dissolution 160×144 pixel, 4 gray tones
    • 56 colors at the same time from a Farbpalette of 32.786 colors with the Game Boy Color
  • Sprites:8×8 pixel or 8×16 pixel largely, maximally number of 40 pieces
  • of current supply: 4 AA (Mignon) - batteries

of the Game Boy is about as large as the first mobile telephones. Inserted black-greener process card screen, one tax cross and four command keys as well as a mono loudspeaker were from the outside visible components. Plays became on ROM - “cartridges” sells, which were put in on the back of the Game Boys.

Over a so-called link connection (“Game left dialogue cables”) at the side the Game Boy can connected with a furtherbecome, which permits simultaneous playing too secondly. By an optionally available 4-Spiele adapter one can attach the Game Boy also on up to three further Game Boys. In addition with the time numerous accessories appeared such as power packs, magnifying glasses forthe screen, lamps, a camera and a printer.


  • 1982 the origins of the Game Boys created in likewise by Nintendo marketed “Game & Watch “- the row.
  • 1989 the Game Boy appears.
  • In the course of the yearshundred different plays are manufactured. Popular plays were natural the Donkey Kong - series, the Zelda - series, the super Mario - series and Tetris.
  • 1995 appear the Game Boy Play It Loud!. It has a stronger loudspeaker and appeared in different colors.(Sound Nintendo was “Play It Loud!” only one advertising slogan. Original quotation Nintendo: “Play it Loud which on advertising slogan, emergency part OF the Game Boy name. The Play it Loud which part OF the advertising, it doesn't relate tons it beingmore louder than the OTHER Game Boy unit. They all had the same feature. “)
  • 1996 appear the Game Boy pocket, an only half so thick and somewhat smaller version of the Game Boy with a larger and better display.
  • 1998 appearonly in Japan a modified variant of the Game Boy pocket named Game Boy Light with integrated background lighting.
  • 1999 are replaced the Game Boy by the Game Boy Color with color representation.
  • 2001 appear the Game Boy Advance with a far improvedColor screen.
  • 2003 are finally introduced the fold upable Game Boy Advance FR with front lighting and integrated left-ion Akku.
  • 2004 appear (first only in Japan and the USA, 2005 also in Europe) Nintendo DS; although the equipment downward-compatibly to GameBoy Advance modules is, represents it no Game Boy successor, but is according to Nintendo beside the Game Boy line to exist.
  • 2005 the Game Boy Micro appeared in the autumn.


Game Boy pocket

Game Boy Pocket
Game Boy pocket

The Game Boy pocket is technically practically identical to the normal Game Boy. It is however clearly smaller, is according to standard chromfarben and becomes with 2 AAA - batteries operated. In addition the process card display is higher-contrast. The link cable haven corresponds to that of the Game BoyColor, not the larger “old” Game Boy. The first copies of the Game Boy pocket had still no battery light, which was added only later. As one of the first consoles the Game Boy pocket in different color variants appeared.

The EnglishWord “pocket” meant on German “trouser pocket” and refers to the compact Design.

Game Boy Light

of the Game Boy Light was somewhat larger in its dimensions than the Game Boy pocket and had a green lit up of mono chromeDisplay. The display lighting could be also switched off. The Gameboy Light needed however only two batteries which despite the background lighting relatively for a long time holds. There was of it a version in gold and in silver. (Photo of the Game Boy Light).

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Color in blau
Game Boy Color in blue

the Game Boy Color appeared 1999 as indirect successors of the Game Boy as well as the Game Boy pocket. It had as the first portable NINT DO play console a liquid crystal screen of the 32,768 colors to explain could (56 at the same time). The NINT DO predecessors could indicate only four grey tones.

In the structure had changed not much. It was more thinly than the Game Boy, but thicker than the Game Boy pocket. Again was however infrared - an interface, with which one inunite to play plays without link cables against other players could. With the suitable module it was possible for the Game Boy Color, owing to the Infarotschnittstelle to transform into a remote maintenance. Often it became however only the transmission of smaller play data (Highscores etc.)or usually does not use at all.

The Game Boy Color is downward compatible, i.e.: Plays, those for the Game Boy and/or. Game Boy pocket were programmed, by the Game Boy Color are likewise supported.

Game Boy Advance, Game BoyAdvance FR

major item: Game Boy Advance

of the Game Boy Advance was the first model of the Game Boy line, which were not based on the technology of the original Game Boy. The Game Boy Advance has a revision with the Game Boy Advance FRexperienced. The GBASP is opening by hinges and had a background lighting, which makes a playing possible, contrary to the GBA, also in the darkness. Despite the fundamental change of the hardware the two representatives of the newest Game Boy generation can process almost all Game Boy plays.All Game of Boy models gives it also in many different colors. For the Advance series smaller modules were developed. The downward compatibility up to the first Gameboy remained.

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS is discussed in its own article,since it belongs officially not to the Game Boy line and forms its own line. It possesses a Touchscreen (a touch-sensitive screen) with the help of the Touchpen to be steered can. In addition it possesses a second screen on which one Gameboy Advance of playsto play can. Nintendo the DS gives it in 3 different colors: In pink ones, blue and silver.

Game Boy Micro

major item: Game Boy Micro

on the E3 2005 introduced new Game Boy Micro is a new versionthe Game Boy Advance. The internal achievement is identical to the GameBoy Advance and the Game Boy Advance FR. The Design was however completely renewed: With the masses 10 x 5 x 1.8 cm it is that so farsmallest Game Boy. In Japan the tiny playing equipment appeared to 13. September 2005, in Europe found the introduction to 04. November 2005 instead of. The Game Boy Micro is compatible however only with Game Boy Advance plays.

The GameBoy for plays is built applications fundamental, but it is also possible over programs such as Carillon, Lsdj, music box, nano-loop, pocket music, etc. To produce music. The relatively simple technology is (also compared with conventional Synthesizern or sequencers) of amazingly high of klanglicher varieties.

Artists this technology use e.g. are. bit more shifter, bubblyfish, bud melvin, covox, DOT matrix, more firestarter, gameboy music club, gameboyzz orchestra, glomag, lo-asked, nullsleep, saitone, pornophonique and many different.

In Japan Nintendo brought with the PlayYan a module for the GBA on the market, with which one can represent and play MP3, Mpeg-4 and Divx. Own music does not leave itself with it howeverproduce.

The moreover one the Gameboy can be used also for simple measuring and tax tasks. For this special cartridges must be built and own Gameboy programs be written. However also some special modules become among other things for the Autotuning and to blood sugar fairs commercially drove out.

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