Game OF Death

Game OF Death (in the German translation as the death play admits [German title: My last fight]) should the fourth film of Bruce Lee become, could not however because of Lees early death not in the intended form be finished.

The fundamental idea Lees was it to bring the largest athletes and fighters together of the world in a film. The conclusion scene of Game OF Death plays in a Pagode, whose floors different combat art styles representieren, so that Bruce in each floor faces a new opponent.

In order to realize this, it invited at the beginning of 1973 the most diverse combat artists to the turning work to Hong Kong. First it got its Protegé and very good friend Dan Inosanto, with which it itself in the first floor an exciting Nunchaku - duel supplies. When Bruce experienced the fact that its friend and pupil Kareem Abdul Jabbar, an American basketball star likewise were, in Hong Kong called Bruce Lee him and suggested to it turning with him a combat scene since it would be impressing much, against an opponent, who was larger over a half meter than he, to fight. After Kareem had enthusiastically assured, impressing combat scenes developed. To a further scene Bruce Lee invited a well-known Korean combat artist. After the completion of these scenes the project was first interrupted, since Lee from Warner Brothers received an offer for a film with the title Enter the Dragon, and Lee to be also finally successful in the USA wanted, accepted it the offer. Since the turning work dragged on to May/June, Lee did not have any longer the possibility of participating in the completion of Game OF Death. 1978 took the director Bob Clouse (Enter the Dragon) and the producer Raymond Chow the completion of Game OF Death, to which Lee had not written a film script, into the hand. The result did not have any longer much similarity with Lees original concept. For the already existing photographs for Game OF Death of cutouts from Lees earlier films were added and again turned scenes, and so a partial life history Lees deviating from the reality developed.


production: Golden Harvest

producer: Raymond Chow

direction: Robert Clouse


Billy Lo…. Bruce Lee/Kim Tai chung/Chen Yao po
Jim marshal…. Gig Young
Dr. Country…. Dean Jagger
Steiner…. Hugh O´Brien
Ann Morris…. Colleen Camp
Carl Miller…. Bob barrier
Hakim…. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Pasqual…. Dan Inosanto
Lo Chen…. Samo Hung
among other things

computer game

the computer game Kung Fu master covers the fight in the 5-stöckigen Pagode.

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