Gao Xingjian

Gao Xingjian (Chinese 高行健, pinyin Gāo Xíngjiàn; * 4. January 1940 in Ganzhou, province Jiangxi) is a Chinese storyteller, translator, a dramatist, a director, a critic and an artist. In the year 2000 it received the Nobelpreis for literature.

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Gao Xingjian became to 4. January 1940 born in Ganzhou ( province Jiangxi) in the east of the People's Republic of China. Its father was bank employee, his nut/mother amateur actress. In earliest childhood becameits interest in the theatre and the Schriftstellerei waked by its nut/mother.

it put 1962 at Institut for foreign languages in Beijing (today: Beijing Foreign Studies University) an academic exam in French off.

During the culture revolution (1966 - 1976) it became the reeducation ina camp sent. There it was forced to burn its early literary attempts. Nevertheless it continued to write secretly.

Starting from the year 1979 it was allowed to publish in Chinese literature magazines and undertake journeys abroad. Besides it translated works of Ionesco and Prévert. He celebrated successes with thatPerformances of its pieces alert, the bus station or the wild man. With its works it came however again and again into conflicts; thus the absurd piece the bus station was called the most harmful, which had been written since establishment of the People's Republic. 1986 became over ita complete performance prohibition imposes.

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1987 it established itself as a political refugee in Paris . There he earned his living costs with the painting.

As reactionon the massacre at the place of the Himmli peace he withdrew from the communist party of China . Its piece the escape, which plays before the window blind of these events, led to the final break with the Chinese guidance; its writings were completely forbidden.

Since 1998 is GaoFrench citizen.

Beside dramatic works he is also creator of novels. In its masterpiece the mountain of the soul it describes a journey by the inside of China, a gespenstisches China, the China of the philosopher Laotse, which lies off the “world of the dust”. The booklonely humans is a proclamation: It reports of the massacre at its family.

The award of the Nobelpreises came for many sides very surprisingly, not least for Gao themselves. From China one, Gao argued no role played and was in its for the Chinese literature sceneHomeland absolutely unknown; one should have rather distinguished Chinese living in China.

Gaos of Swedish translators Göran Malmqvist is member of the Swedish academy, which assigns the Nobelpreis. Gao changed ten days before the award of the Nobelpreises its Swedish publisher - from forum to Atlantis. ThatAtlantis publishing house belongs to a friend of Malmqvist and in medium reports was speculated that Malmqvist ooze first information about the forthcoming award of the prize would have leave.

works (selection)

  • the book of lonely humans (Yi ge ren de shengjing; Translation from the Chinese one of NataschaVittinghoff; Frankfurt/Main, Fischer paperback 2006);ISBN 3-596-15241-0.
  • The mountain of the soul (translation from Chinese by Helmut Forster Latsch and Marie Luise Latsch; Frankfurt/Main, Fischer paperback 2003); ISBN 3-596-15250-X.
  • On the sea (translation from the Chinese of Natascha Vittinghoff; Frankfurt/Main, Fischer paperback 2000); ISBN 3-596-15183-X.

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