a warranty (v. frz.: warranty, v. old franc. weren ensures, guarantees) is a warranty of certain acting in a certain case.

In the trade the warranty one is additional to the legal warranty made freiwillige and freely shapable service of a dealer or manufacturer opposite the customer. Frequently it is confounded however with this. An important difference between warranty and guarantee exists in the following:

  • Warranty: an absolute payment of damages achievement secures too (English. guarantee)
  • guarantee: defines a temporally limited rework obligation (English. warranty)

the usualLinguistic usage mixes both terms. In the legal sense a warranty defines the hard and obligation of a guarantor handing beyond the contract, while the guarantee is to be derived from the contractually agreed upon achievements.

Examples are:

  • Limited return right with discontent with thatProduct (“satisfaction warranty”), in some cases also without indication of reasons
  • of “price guarantee” (cancelling, if the competition is demonstrably cheaper)
  • “3 years warranty” (sometimes particularly spongelike, because none betrays, what actually really covers these; often however rather concretely, z. B. “For allMonitors the manufacturer offers three years warranty exchange service inclusive Picture tube and/or. Panel and Backlight, i.e., defective monitors are usually exchanged on workdays within 48 hours against equivalent equipment. “Basis is thereby a technical defect, faulty operations or on itbeing based defects do not fall under it.)
  • “5 years repair warranty” (also repair at expense of the customer can mean)
  • “20 years buying in addition warranty for spare parts”
  • “suburb warranty” (dealer or a representative Dienstleister comes to the place of assembly of the commodity, in order to repair there, substitute becomes locallysupplied)
  • “bringing in warranty” (commodity must be brought for repair to the manufacturer/dealer; Substitute must be fetched with the manufacturer/dealer, frequently also return at expense of manufacturer/dealer)

sees also:

Erfüllungsgarantie, guaranteeing, indemnity bond, warranty assumption, deed of suretyship, guarantee period

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