The meadows

as the meadows one designates the cook of the cold kitchen in a kitchen brigade. In large kitchen brigades one finds the following specializations with the aufgefühten fields of application:

  • The meadow (cook of the cold kitchen): Prepare from fish, shells, crustaceans, poultry, game and game poultry; Manufacture from pies, Terrinen and Galantinen (roll pie); Buffets of cold plates
  • Hors more d'œuvrier (hors-d'oeuvre cook): Manufacture from hors-d'oeuvre particles, Fischmarinaden, cold Saucen, Cocktails, salads of refined vegetables, mixed salads, potato salad
  • Boucher (kitchen butcher): Dividing and Ausbeinen battle meat; Manufacture from clarifying meat and farces

to middle kitchen brigades transfers the the meadow usually here all specified ranges.


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