Mixing part churches

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Wappen von Garmisch-Partenkirchen Deutschlandkarte, Position von Garmisch hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Bavaria
district: Mixing part churches
height: 708 m and. NN
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 47° 30 ' N, 11° 5 ' O
47° 30 ' N, 11° 5 ' O
surface: 205.66 km ²
inhabitants: 26.249 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 145 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 82467
preselection: 08821
Kfz characteristics: GAP
municipality key: 09 1 80 117
of the administration:
Town hall square 1
82467 mixing part churches
official Website: Mixing part churches
E-Mail address:
mayor: Thomas forge
Bayernkarte, Position von Garmisch-Partenkirchen hervorgehoben
Bavaria map, position of mixing part churches emphasized

mixing part churches is a market and at the same time a principal place of the district mixing part churches, as well as the Werdenfelser of country. Despite his number of inhabitants of more than 26,000 inhabitants mixing part churches are not a city.

1936 became here those Olympic winter plays delivered, 1978 the alpine ski world championship.

Traditionally in mixing part churches at the New Year's Day the New Year jumping is delivered in the context of the four-digging tour. Recently also various Events film UP, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations bunch takes place days or GAP Sommercamp underneath the course point .

Tourist attractions are beside the course point of the Eibsee, the two torrent ravines part-after-clammy and hell talc lamb as well as Jagdschlös at the Schachen of Ludwig II..

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traffic the place

motorway connection (with

Eschenlohe 15km north


has sons and daughters of the city 3 four-digging tour 4 picture gallery to the A95, it exists railway connections to Munich, Innsbruck (center forest course) and Reutte in Tirol (Ausserfernbahn), in addition with course and aerial ropeway on the nearby course point (Bavarian course pointed course).

public mechanisms

  • Alpenforschungsinstitut
  • Institut for meteorology and climatic research
  • child hospital for rheumatic diseases, DZKJR
  • Mars resounding center
  • penal institution


  • rock High School
  • St.Irmengard High School
  • St.Irmengard six-form high school
  • boy six-form high school
  • hauptschule and primary school rough
  • hauptschule and primary school part churches

of buildings


mixing part churches applies for the adjustment of the alpine ski WM 2011, after the application for the ski WM was lost 2009 against the French Val d'Isère. Only rival candidate is Schladming (Austria).

sons and daughters of the city

four-digging tour

place date digs digging record (year)
Colonel village 29. December shade-mountain-digs 143.5 m (2003)
mixing part churches 1. January large one Olympia-digs 129.5 m (2001)
Innsbruck 4. January Bergiselschanze 134.5 m(2002)
Bishop yards 6. January Paul Ausserleitner digging 143.0 m (2005)

picture gallery historically

picture gallery up-to-date

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