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gas marks one of the states of aggregation or a body, which is in this state of aggregation.

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a substance becomes as „gas “strictly speakingdesignated, if a body, which consists of this substance, at a temperature of 20 °C and a pressure of 1 at (so-called. Standard conditions) in the gaseous state of aggregation is present. More generally one designates also the gaseous condition of a body than gas,independently of the temperature. Together with the liquids one ranks gases in the sense of a gaseous condition among the fluids.


Teilchenmodell eines Gases
particle model of a gas

the idealized gaseous state of aggregation, one speaks of an ideal gas, drawsby the perfectly free mobility of the individual molecules according to the kinetic gas theory out. This has its volume the dominant pressure the consequence that a gas is compressible, thus adapts and applies up to few restrictions also to material gases.

Gases possess thereby also characteristics of liquids: They have to flow and not resist the ability deformation , although they have a viscosity. Differently than liquids gases possess however no fixed volume and always fill therefore the entire for the orderstanding area completely and evenly out. This lies in the fact justified that the overall system aims at the condition of highest entropy (second main clause of thermodynamics) and such a condition of a statistic uniform distribution of the gas particles in this area corresponds.

The transition of the gaseousinto the liquid state of aggregation one calls the transition of the gaseous to the firm state of aggregation as condensation, Resublimation.

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storage around as large a quantity of gas as possible into a container, thus a high densitytoo received, the gas is strongly compressed. So that the container withstands thereby the gas pressure, usually cylindric or spherical bodies are inserted as with gas bottles , gas-fired boilers or formerly Gasometern. The gas pressure is a hydrostatic pressure.

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