the Gasbeleuchtung is more exactly said a lighting with gas, to town gas. This is produced for gas works by coal gasification within a coking plant or. In the coking plant or in the gas works gas developed is led through iron tubes to a burning flame. FirstGaslaternen for road lighting were taken in the year 1805 in London in enterprise. Since they were operated with open Gasflammen, without glowing trunk, they were still very faint. Only in late 19. Century of Carl Auer of Welsbach developed glowing trunk multiplied the luminous efficiency.

Installation of a Gaslaternein Berlin, 1890, stereoskopisches photo (double photo) with two cameras from easily different perspective for the production of spatialness in the emperor panoramas of August wagoner

fast spread the new lighting over the whole earth and of the inhabitants of the large cities as technical progress were celebrated. Firstthe Gaslaternen were ignited by Laternenanzündern. Later it succeeded to automate the process so that the occupation of the Laternenanzünders could be void. In the literature the Laternenanzünder played an important role for example in the book “the small prince” from Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

Most German citiesalready into the 1960er year without the Gasbeleuchtung did.

Gas route light
Gaslaterne in Dresden, January 2004, Käthe Kollwitz bank, before which reconstruction of the road, (the Gaslaternen were replaced by modern lighting).
This very day about 80,000

gas route lights burn Gaslaterne made of Dublin in nevertheless 40 German cities each night- most in Berlin (44.000), followed of Duesseldorf (18.000), Frankfurt/Main (5.500), Mainz (< 3.000 since 1996 continuous dismantling) and Dresden (approx. 2.000, mostly in historical boroughs). The road lighting by Gasflammen is three times (flexible costs!) as expensively as the electrical lighting, becomeshowever because of the somewhat darker light than romantically felt.

Also in the camping - and outdoor range still gas lamps are used. These work according to the same principle, are however many smaller and usually refer their gas from gas bottles and gas cartouches.

A mobile gas lamp, thosetoday however nearly no more meaning has, is the carbide lamp. It frequently as vehicle lighting and begun in the mining industry under-meet. Today she finds only in the Höhlenforschung or in developing countries use.


gas burners

remainders of a gas lamp in Gleiwitz - lab and in Upper Silesia

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