GayRomeo is also over 340.000 Usern (Germany far over 220.000) one the largest Chat and contact contacts for gay, bisexuelle and transsexuelle men in the German-speaking countries. It is operated since October 2002 by the citizens of Berlin company PlanetRomeo GmbH. At computer places with reduced privacy or potenzieller data control - for instance on the job, in the hotel or Internetcafé - the portal can be called also in graphically a version neutrally held or as small, inconspicuous measuringclose. Since many Firewalls and Internet filter web page, with which “gay “in the name emerges, block, are the web page under the name of the operator GmbH to likewise reach.

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due to the high member rate (in Berlin center would possess 13 after the numbers of members published by GayRomeo each. male inhabitants a profile) GayRomeo in the scene also “gays the residents' registration office “or the “blue sides” is called. Law-adverse or predominantly commercially aligned profiles are not permitted. Gayromeo reached sexually same sex oriented men in almost all social and vocational layers, however the spreading degree varies as during the general Internet use also depending upon age group, education conditions and further criteria. The offer is taken up by politicians of all parties. So far however only the Member of the Bundestag Volker Beck (alliance 90/Die the Green) used the possibility of holding during the election to the Bundestag fight 2005 several times a virtual citizen consulting hour.

function mode

with the contact portal are excluding men (gays, Bi and Transsexuelle) to announce itself. Women is not permitted the entrance. During the registration on the basis an input mask an individual profile is put on, a kind virtual warrant of apprehension, which usually contains personal data own as well as one or more pictures. Optionally both sexual preferences and cultural interests can be faded in. This profile can be stopped in such a way that it is freely accessible either as user homepage for all Internet users or however only members likewise registered by other one, seen and/or. in an platform-internal search machine to be found can. A goal of the profile is the self-manifestation and the establishment of contact for the purpose of purely virtual communication (Chat), to the Sex or to the common leisure activities (, museum attendance etc. go out). It serves thus also as economical contact and communication platform for friends. Particularly in cities and places in those Homosexualität is not yet sufficiently recognized.

GayRomeo has numerous auxiliary offers, like discussions in an extensive offer of topic tables club, apart from this basic function information to Safer Sex or left to magazines for gays.

controversies to GayRomeo

Safer Sex

about the frequent reproaches to meet that platforms would promote such as GayRomeo purposeful meetings from men to the Sex without condom, GayRomeo informs and gets also about risks of the so-called Barebackings the own point of view straight in addition. However no larger editorial interferences or censorship take place, in order to prevent an open publicising of Barebacking through third. This is probably not regarded of the operators as meaningful, since there are competing platforms, which are specialized in mediating unsafen Sexkontakten in the net. Beside health the topic saves also legal consequences for users, who look for such contacts, because the potential infection one DO NOT HEAVE - infected humans with HEAVE is located in some states under punishment (z. B. in Austria). GayRomeo makes available information of the German AIDS assistance and permits it to users to filter with its searches for potenziellen Sexpartnern such which do not state from itself, Safer Sex to always operate.

Fakerproblematik and reality

as protection against Faker offer a confirmation system, with which personally well-known users can mark their profiles accordingly and increase depending upon admitting heating degrees the reliability of their user profile, as well as the status of the “plus user” to GayRomeo, who must prove itself because of the for this necessary payments. More common than Faken however wrong data are to age, figure, Safer Sex - behavior or showing outdated photos. It also occurs that a material person puts on itself several warrants of apprehension under different aliases and logs in depending upon motivation with another profile; whereby also the user numbers somewhat relate themselves.

displacement competition with the increasing

spreading of GayRomeo and other Chatforen with Bisexuellen and gays seems accompanying with other becoming acquainted with places to change itself the social behavior within the gays subculture. For example public traffic at Cruisingorten with the increasing spreading of GayRomeo and other Internet offers was substantially reduced. The popular contact preparation over Internet reflects thereby on the one hand risen security needs of the particular, why traditional Cruisingorte, like motorway parking lots, is avoided city park etc., in particular with darkness more and more. On the other hand some humans with same sex inclinations prefer contacts instead of coincidental and completely anonymous meetings with the Cruising rather to Gleichgesinnten, with which a sexual compatibility can be determined already before.

In addition it is maintained, the guest arising in services enterprises of the gays scene, for example bars, Cafés, Discotheken, Saunen decreased/went back parallel to the rising popularity of GayRomeo and other Internet offers. This can have however most diverse causes, is it economic nature (price increases in the catering trade) or cultural origin (less Ghetto - education with increasing acceptance of Homosexualität in the total culture).

social isolation and Internet craze

Above all the constantly available possibility of the contact preparation - it is at home, on the job or also on the way - seems the most important cause for the inexorable rise of the user numbers and the unbroken popularity of GayRomeo like being also different contact contacts. Apart from the socio-economic considerations stated above behavior-scientific theories are to be mentioned, which state, by such an Internet - portal is promoted the Vereinsamung of the particular. Also the danger of an Internet craze which is connected with it plays a role for the trailers of such craze theories. Existing ones social contacts threaten to be neglected therefore, while adequate new contacts cannot be developed either not at all or at least lastingly. The original motivation to attach over Internet contacts to humans with intended characteristics or interests becomes in the result pretty often for an endless, because again and again again operated search. In addition, it is stated that from such contact contacts friendships and even partnerships resulted.

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