Geert Mueller Gerbes

Geert Mueller Gerbes (* 18. September 1937 in Jena) is a German journalist and television moderator.

Mueller Gerbes buildup in the resin and pulled later with its parents after Aalen. After the Abitur it began a Volontariat with the Heidenheimer newspaper. Afterwards it studied at the FU Berlin history, sociology and law, broke the study off however after 6 years. In the course of its life Mueller Gerbes for IBM ( in the press department), the daily mirror , the RIAS and the SFB was active.

1969 he became a press adviser of Federal President Gustav Heinemann (until 1974). Subsequently, Mueller Gerbes was still for few months speaker of the Ministry for youth, family and health. 1976 came Mueller Gerbes to radio Luxembourg, where he worked as Deutschlandkorrespondent in Bonn. Starting from 1984 it was additionally Chefkorrespondent for the RTL sound broadcasting and later also for the new private television station RTL plus.

Starting from 1985 Mueller Gerbes on RTL moderated Bonnfetti, which was sent from Bonn versus circle theatres plus the talc round. Of 4. February 1988 up to 14. June 1992 he was host of the transmission the week - humans in the discussion (likewise on RTL plus). Starting from that 8. February 1992 moderated Mueller Gerbes then the consumer transmission as asks? (RTL plus RTL), a format, which made spectator problems public and represented in small Sketchen measure-effectively. The transmission ran for the last time to 13. March 1999. After it had delivered also the CO presentation of the WDR Talkshow, it withdrew itself 2000 into the private life. Since 2003 Mueller Gerbes publishes Kinderbücher. Occasionally it moderates still meetings in Bonn and environment.


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