Dangerous surf

film data
of German titles: Dangerous surf
original title: POINT BREAK
production country: The USA
feature year: 1991
length (PAL - DVD): 118 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: Kathryn Bigelow
film script: W. Peter Iliff,
Story: Rick King
production: Peter Abrams,
Robert L. Levy,
James Cameron
music: Sharon Boyle
camera: Donald Peterman
cut: Bert Lovitt, Howard E. Smith

dangerous surf (original title: POINT BREAK) is a Actionfilm from the year 1991 with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, under the direction of Kathryn Bigelow. The Orginaltitel comes from the Surferjargon POINT BREAK, which a point of land or - tongue describes, which causes a breaking of a wave. The film is based on the book of Rick King.

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Patrick Swayze is “Bodhi”, which finances itself head of a Surfergang with bank robbing their life-style from Surfen and parachuting.

Reeves presents itself to FBI an agent John Utah, which Undercover works, around which gang to infiltrate and soon with the Lifestyle adrenalin June gravel and the charismatischen Bodhi identified. The gang calls itself with their raids themselves the ex-Presidents, because they disguise themselves with masks of former US-American presidents.

John identifies itself in the course of the film ever more with the life-style of the Surfer and does at its end without an arrest of Bodhi. Instead it lets it surfen during a violent storm - which means Bodhis safe death. John throws thereupon its police mark into the sand and becomes even the Surfer.


focus film writes: “Aesthetic Actionreisser of Peckinpah Epigonin Kathryn Bigelow, in v.a. Patrick Swayze in the role of a Surf guru convinces. “Heyne film encyclopedia supplements: “Clean, mystisch angehauchter act ion film of James terminator Camerons ex wife Kathryn Bigelow ".


1992 Keanu Reeves MTV the Movie Award won as “Most Desirable of marks” (“usually in demand man”), in the same year also Patrick Swayze in this category was nominated.

Further the film was nominated also for the best Actionszene (“Best Action Sequence”) - for the scene of the second parachute jump, in which John Bodhi catches.

masks of the presidents

with will attack the masks of the following US-American presidents used:

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