a Gelübde (of old high German gilubida: ) a solemn put down promise gel above is to adhere to a rule.

In Switzerland a Gelübde is the lay form of an oath or an oath, i.e. a solemn promise without calling God; see also swearing-in (Switzerland in).

In Germany one calls for example the loyalty stating of soldiers vow. In Austria the same act Angelobung is called.

In the range of the catholic church a Gelübde or a Profess is a considered and a free,God promise brought, which refer to a higher property and must be possible. It can be differentiated between a public, D. h. in the name of the church against taken, Gelübde (z. B. at medal communities) and purely private Gelübden. In thatRule concerns it a Ordensgelübde or a promise of the Evangelist advice.

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