a painting (of medium high-German gemælde, old-high-German gimâlidi) is a picture applied on a carrier (paper, canvas o.a.). The older use of the word is more general thereby than the today's. Like that early 16 is with painting to in. Century representations with marks, thus also up Coins and copper passes meant.

Only with the development (S. Brothers van Eyck) and the rapid spreading of the oil painting in 15. and 16.Jahrhundert develops also the conception of the painting as a picture manufactured with pictorial techniques - which is looked at now as work of art.

Aftertoday's definition distinguishes itself a painting from a design by the fact that the colors before laying on are mixed on the image carrier. An exception of this definition is the Pastellmalerei, which would have actually to be called “Pastellzeichnung”. In the linguistic usage the terms are painting and designstill it mixes then one for example often says that children “paint”, if they actually draw.

The pictorial techniques, which become related on paintings, generally presuppose three components:

  • the image carrier primed usually with chalk (out much be enough for stored wood, canvas, paper,or, more rarely, glass and metal);
  • the coloring material (pigment, which are won in the 19.Jahrhundert from natural substances, like plants , half jewels, ground connection)
  • and a bonding agent (turpentine oil, bone glue o.a.), a durable color order makes possible.

With the arising of inexpensive synthetic colors and industrially more manufacturedImage carrier in the 19.Jahrhundert carries out itself also a revolution of the artistic techniques (see. the painting of the Impressionismus).

If these stood so far in a tradition relating to crafts, which went back in the core into the 15.Jahrhundert, now the photography does its remaining to determine the tasks of the medium painting again.Accordingly in the German linguistic usage in place of painting increasingly the term painting is used. In the today's linguistic usage therefore painting marks above all works of art of the modern times.

the ten most expensive paintings of the world

in the year 2004 became on the art market for the guidance artists thatHistory of art as high sums as pays never before. So climbing ores to 5. May an unknown quantity buyer Picassos work “boy with whistle” (1905) with Sotheby's in New York for the sayful sum of 104.2 million US Dollar (scarcely 80 million euro). The workis considered now as paintings of the world most expensive with distance.

The 10 most expensive paintings of the world (source: Mirror yearbook 2005)
rank title artist selling price
in millions US Dollar
sales day
1 Young with whistle Picasso 104.2 5.5.2004
2 Haven-guesses/advises the Dr. Gachet van Gogh 82.5 15.5.1990
3 Outer Moulin de la Galette Renoir 78,1 17.5.1990
4 Child murder of Betlehem Rubens 76.7 10.7.2002
5 Selbstbildnis without beard van Gogh 71.5 20.11.1998
6 Quiet life with curtain, jug and Obstschale Cézanne 60.5 10.5.1999
7 Woman with arms Picasso 55.0 9.11.2000
8 Sword lilies van Gogh 53,9 11.11.1987
9 Pierrettes wedding Picasso 51.4 30.11.1989
10 Sitting woman in the garden Picasso 49.5 10.11.1999

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