Genes Krupa

of genes Krupa (* 15. January 1909 in Chicago, Illinois, the USA, † 16. October 1973 in Yonkers, New York, the USA) was a jazz - and bend volume -, famous for its energy-loaded play, Schlagzeuger.


Krupa began its career in the middle of the 1920er years in Wisconsin and pulled then 1929 to New York town center, where he in that volume about talk Nichols played. Starting from 1934 it played volume of Benny Goodman in that, where it already soon due to itsoutstanding play a national celebrity became.1938 left Krupa Goodmans volume again and created its own, which he led until 1943. After few further months with Goodman and Tommy a Dorsey Krupa created one the up to then largest bends volume, occasionally also over40 musicians. Gradually it made however the volume smaller again and played starting from 1951 again in Trio - and/or. Quartet - occupations. Krupa arose regularly into the jazz RK the Philharmonic shows.

Krupa terminated its career into the late 1960er years and stepped toto its leukaemia - death 1973 only much isolates up.

The British volume Apollo 440 proved 1996 a reverence with its song Krupa to the musician.

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