Genes Pitney

of genes Pitney (* 17. February 1941 in hard Fords; † 5. April 2006 in Cardiff) was US - an American singer and Songschreiber.

musical career

at the beginning of its musical career it wrote hits for other interpreters, about to Today' s Teardrops for Roy Orbison, Hello Mary Lou for Ricky Nelson and He' s A Rebel for the Crystals.

Starting from 1961 he co-operated with the Songschreibern Burt Bacharach and Hal David . From it its first single ( I Wanna) resulted Love My would run Away and in the sameYear had Pitney with the title song of the film Town Without Pity (dt.: „City without compassion “) its break-through. This Song was distinguished with that golden Globe Award as Best Song in A Motion Picture and nominated for the OSCAR.

Into the early 60ern hadGenes Pitney a whole set of hits, could however in the USA British of the invasion in such a way specified little oppose. It remained however in England and the remainder by Europe quite successful. Thus it became with Nessuno mi può giudicare together with Caterina Caselli second with San Remo festival 1966 and sold of it alone in Italy 500,000 plates. Its last American hit was She' s A Heartbreaker (1968), during its last success in the British Charts Something' s Gotten Hold OF My Heart (1989) was, a retake of its solo hit of 1967,this time in the Duett with Marks of Almond.

2002 it taken up to the skirt and roll resound to OF Fame.

Pitney had to 4. April 2006 a concert in the pc. To David's resound in Cardiff given. On the next morning one found it dead in the hotel. PitneyJames Kelly lay on its bed and looked fully dressed according to data of its route manager, as if he had peacefully fallen asleep.

successful Songs (selection)

  • 1961: (I Wanna) Love My would run Away
  • 1961: Town Without Pity
  • 1962: (The one Who of SHOT) Liberty Valance
  • 1962: If I Didn' t Have A Dime ton of Play the Jukebox
  • 1962: Only Love CAN BREAK A Heart
  • 1962: If Heaven helped, Heartache helped
  • 1963: 24 Hours from Tulsa
  • 1964: It Hurts ton in Love (Early into the Morning)
  • 1964: I' m Gonna Strong
  • 1965: Amici miei
  • 1965: I Must Seeing Things
  • 1965: Looking Through the Eyes OF Love
  • 1966: Nessuno mi può giudicare
  • 1966: Baking steam turbine and gas turbine systems (I' m Lonely)
  • 1966: Just One Smile
  • 1967: La rivoluzione
  • 1967: Something's Gotten Hold OF My Heart (Remake 1989)
  • 1968: She's A Heartbreaker

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