Genes Tunney

of genes Tunney
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birth name James Joseph Tunney
weight class heavyweight
nationality US-American
birthday 25. May 1897
place of birth New York
day of death 7. November 1978
death place Greenwich
style link rushing situation
of size 1.83 m
combat statistics
of fights of 87
victories 83
KO of victories 49
defeats 1
undecided 2
no valuation 1

genes Tunney (born as James Joseph Tunney; * 25. May 1897 in Greenwich many situation, New York, the USA; † 7.November 1978 in Greenwich, Connecticut, the USA) was US-American Boxer and heavyweight world champion from 1926 to 1928. Tunney is called first true „technician “in the Boxring.

It suffered its only defeat in the light heavyweight against the Mittelgewichtler Harry Greb, which broke in the first round the nose to it. It defeated Greb later several times.

In the heavyweight it struck the Dempsey victim Carpentier KO.

With his victory, connected with it the world champion title, over Jack Dempsey, numerous spectators were disappointed over the fact in the stadium of Philadelphia that it was not like used a deftiger exchange (Foot by Foot), but rather a fight from the distance, also owing to Tunneys of longer range.

He married Polly Lauder, the heiress of the Stahlmagnaten Andrew Carnegie. They had four children. His son John Varick became a late senator.

1928 withdrew genes Tunney, thus were it the first heavyweight world champion, who ungeschlagen the ring left.

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