general, Plural of generals or generals, designates the rank of the highest grade category of the officers highest in most nations in peacetime in the military at army and Air Force. In some nations can in the war for special earnings/services alsothe rank of a marshal or a field marshal standing over the general to be lent.

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badges of rank

at most armies becomesthe rank on the shoulder pieces indicated by golden (or) stars silver in the case of US armed forces. Into most NATO - the general carries states four stars (therefore it unofficially also often as a “four-star general” designates). Are subordinate the ranks

  • lieutenant general (3 stars)
  • Major general (2 stars)
  • Brigadier General (1 star).

The general appropriate rank at the navy admiral reads. The ranks Vice Admiral (

  • 3 stars) are subordinate
  • countering admiral (2 stars)
  • flotilla admiral (1 star)

in the Sanitätsdienst are called the highest ranks:

  • General upper medical officer and/or. Admiral upper medical officer (3Stars)
  • general staff physician and/or. Admiral medical officer (2 stars)
  • surgeon general/general pharmacist and/or. (Navy): Admiral physician/admiral pharmacist (1 star)

in the Sanitätsdienst does not give it a rank to that (four-stars) - general corresponds.


general is rather rare in the later Middle Ages an arising, butused abbreviation for all titles built up with general. In France and Spain the designation straight takes with military titles in 15. Century too. Since that 16. Century is it an almost exclusively military designation.

German armies

of general rankssince that 19. Century (ascending sequence):

See also ranks in the army of the German Empire of

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See also ranks in the NVA

See also ranks in the German Federal Armed Forces

Badge of rank general

the German rank sequence was amended with the list of the German Federal Armed Forces for political reasons and in favor of the standardization within the NATO framework (see below).

With the German German Federal Armed Forces there are four general ranks:

a Brigadier General can lead a brigade in the German army among other things (if it was carried (waiting periods are the rule), a major general for example a division, a lieutenant general a corps. Besides givesit a multiplicity of further service posts for generals, for example in the Ministry or in different command authorities, offices and schools.

(Four-star) general rank remains reserving in the national hierarchy the general inspector of the German Federal Armed Forces. Further four-star general service posts can of officers of the German Federal Armed Forces in the multinationalRange (NATO) to be noticed. Example for this was a general Harald Kujat in its time as a chairman of the military committee of NATO.

All general ranks are addressed independently of their rank with gentleman/Mrs. General or - in the Sanitätsdienst - surgeon general.

In the Sanitätsdienst of the GermansGerman Federal Armed Forces give it three general ranks; the naval physicians carry - the AdmStOffz accordingly - instead of the designation general the designation admiral. There are 3 admiral physician ranks also here in the Sanitätsdienst of the German navy:

  • Admiral upper medical officer
  • admiral medical officer
  • admiral physician

to the general one does not become “regular” carried, but (in Germany) appointed by the Federal President, as far as legally nothing else is certain (kind. 60 exp. 1 GG). The soldier career regulation only generally regulates the appointment as the Brigadier General and the possibly following transports up to the 4-Sterne-General.

§ 5(4) SLV:A transport is not permissible before expiration of a yearly since the attitude or the last transport [...], as far as in this regulation no other period is certain, unless the past rank to be not regularly gone throughneeded.

Since however the transport been to the Colonel generally by means of „at least 15 years officer its “(§25 (3) SLV) it is regulated and if one accepts in the best case that one begins with 18 years as an officer candidate, with 21 years second lieutenantand with 36 years Colonel becomes, then one could become theoretical with 37 years Brigadier General - a general transport is actually accomplished at the earliest with 42 years.

The designations general of the infantry, general of the communications troops, general air traffic control are in thatGerman Federal Armed Forces contrary to the armed forces however no service degree of designation more, but service post designations. Thus it occurs regularly that the general of the supply troop is a Colonel.

paying in the German Federal Armed Forces

a general becomes in that German Federal Armed Forces after the federal pay regulation after B 10 pay, the lieutenant general/general upper medical officer/etc. with B 9, the major general/Generalstabsartzt/etc. with B 7 and the Brigadier General/surgeon general/etc. with B 6.


see also ranks in Swiss army

the appropriate ranks reading:

  • Brigadier
  • division acre
  • commander of corps
  • general (commander in chief of the armyonly in times of war)

in Switzerland only during war mobilization a general is used as commander in chief of the army. This is selected by the Presidential Election Council.

Most well-known Swiss of generals are:

see also: Swiss would list generals

momentarily highest-ranking Swiss is a commander of corps Christophe saucy ice(3 stars general)

to Austria

see also ranks in the federal army

Austria end of 2002 its general structure changed and to the European/NATO system adapted:


  • Brigadier
  • division acre
  • commander of corps
  • general


  • Brigadier
  • major general
  • lieutenant general
  • General

is a general at present Roland Ertl as a boss of the general staff in Austria the highest-ranking officer.

Further the use designation becomes a general for leading officials (E1) of the executive in Austria, in addition federal police and law guard belong, used. There it itself with the awake bodies mentioned over, concerns it does not act civilian bodies, which are organized after military sample only however “police officers”, but they lead only officer ranks as use designation.

See also to general under welfare army

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