Lieutenant general

German Federal Armed Forces

badge of rank lieutenant general

the lieutenant general is a general rank. In the German Federal Armed Forces it is second highest general rank. Its correspondence at the navy is the Vice Admiral. The sequence participates:

In the German Federal Armed Forces are among other things the inspectors of the armed services, the boss of the planning staff in the Federal Ministry of the defense and the Kommandierenden of generals of the corps of lieutenant generals and/or. Vice Admirals.

Of equal standing ranks:

  • Sanitätsdienst
    • general upper medical officer
    • admiral upper medical officer

Prussian army - realm resistance - armed forces

shoulder straps of a lieutenant general in the armed forces

in the armed forces as well as already before in the Prussian armyand also the realm resistance was the lowest general rank

International is to be usually found the lieutenant general also in the level army corps.

Historical meaning

in 17. Century was the lieutenant general highest service rank. Ranks were counted, from top to bottom as follows:

  • Lieutenant general (deputy of the emperor)
  • field marshal
  • Generalfeldzeugmeister
  • general of the Kavallerie
  • field marshal second lieutenant (today lieutenant general)
  • general field being awake master (major general)

the only imperial habsburgischen lieutenant generals in 17. Century were:

  1. Octavio Piccolomini
  2. Raimund of Montecuccoli
  3. Karl IV. of Lorraine
  4. Ludwig William of bathing
  5. Eugen Savoyen

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