Major general


badge of rank major general

the expression major general is a military rank and designates third-highest rank at army and Air Force of the German Federal Armed Forces. The sequence participates:

this is firstconfusing, since the second lieutenant under the major is settled, the general second lieutenant however höherrangig as the general major is: The explanation for this is the historical development of the rank designations. There were the following rank designations in the individual command stages.

  • Company: Captain - second lieutenant - Wachtmeister
  • regiment: Colonel -Lieutenant colonel - Colonel being awake master
  • general: General - lieutenant general - general being awake master

as in Germany of the titles “major” arose, displaced these rank “Colonel being awake master”. That did not remain also without influence on rank “general being awake master”. Thus the major general became from the “general being awake master .

Typical uses for major generals of the German Federal Armed Forcesdivision commander and staff department leaders are in the Ministry of Defense. They are paid after the salary bracket B7.

Of equal standing ranks

  • Sanitätsdienst
    • general staff physician
  • navy
    • countering admiral, admiral medical officer

see also: Ranks in the German Federal Armed Forces


Swiss officer that used in Panmunjeom neutrally nation Supervisory Commission (NNSC), momentarily Gerhard Brügger, has the rank of a major general. Otherwise in Switzerland a general is used only in times of war.

2002 the Austrian

federal army

knows uniform [work on] Austria like the German Federal Armed Forces the rank major general as the secondarylowest general rank.


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