the Secretary-General is a common name for a leading position in an organization.

In many parties the Secretary-General supports the work of the party chief, also chairman or party president mentioned. Its work is as it were a managing director of the respective party, the “attorney of the chairman of the party".

The Secretary-General organizes the election campaigns and the Party Congresses. It worries about the member advertisement and coordinates co-operation within the party on the different hierarchy levels, begun from the local level up to the Federal Party level.

He works also considerably on the future strategies and on the developmentthe party also. He is employee of the party and refers from there its content.

At the United Nations the Secretary-General is a highest civil servant of the UN-secretariat. The Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Atta Annan is momentary.

In many, above all Roman states, is the Secretary-General the highest civil servant (“bureau chief”) of a Ministry, where it coordinates the ministerial departments in the management. It stands hierarchically between the Ministerialdirektor and (political) the undersecretary of state.

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