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Coat of arms
Wappen von Genf
base data
canton: Geneva
district: (Geneva does not know districts)
BFS NR.: 6621
postal code: 1200
coordinates: 46° 12 ' N n. Break.
6° 9 ' O o. L.
Height: 375 m and. M.
Surface: 158,6 km ²
inhabitants: 185 ' 028 (31. December 2005)
Karte von Genf

Geneva (franz.: Genève) is the second largest city of Switzerland. It is because of the southwest edgefranzösischsprachigen Switzerland at the discharge of the Rhône from the Geneva lake. Geneva is seat of many international organizations, among other things UN, CERN, IKRK, WHO, IAO, International Telecommunication Union, WIPO, WMO, WOSM and the Hochkommissariats for refugeesthe United Nations UNHCR.

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Geneva were into the Keltenzeit the capital of the Allobroger. At present the Roman realm served it as bridgehead, from 400 to 1536 was it a bishop seat. Infifth and ninth century functioned it besides as seat of the burgundischen kings. Starting from the year 1026 Geneva belonged to the burgundischen is enough the holy Roman realm of German nation, within whose it a bischöfliches territory became. Exactly later stepped five hundred yearsGeneva a standard ware as well as Berne and Freiburg in the Üchtland . In the year 1536 the reformation and proclaiming of the independent Geneva Republic of, the city followed became turned place of the Swiss Confederation. Swiss Reformator Johannes Calvin created 1559those Geneva academy.1781 achieved middle class and workers the supremacy, whereupon a representative-democratic condition was accepted, before in the year after with the help of bernisch Savoyard troops the Patriziat seized power again and many Industrielle as exponent of the middle class into the emigrationwent. Between 1798 and 1813 Geneva of France was annektiert.

Internationales Viertel Genf
International quarter Geneva

1814 is proclaimed the city republic Geneva, in the next year becomes the city Swiss and capital of the newly formed, canton of the same name, the canton Geneva. 1864 are Geneva seatthe international committee of the red cross, 1873 are created the University of Geneva. From 1920 to 1946 Geneva was seat of the Völkerbundes.

Annually to 12. December becomes with the Escalade de Genève failed conquest by Savoyen in the year 1602 celebrated.

See also: History of the canton Geneva

coat of arms

for the first time emerged the today's coat of arms of Geneva in the 15.Jahrhundert. It places the connection of the bishop (key) and the Empire of (eagle).

objects of interest

Wahrzeichen der Stadt - Jet d'Eau
landmarksthe city - jet d'Eau

for special earnings/services around the local picture protection received Geneva fromSwiss preservation of regional tradition in the year 2000 the Wakkerpreis.


Geneva was to 1870 the most densely populated city of Switzerland. The mitlerweile city Zurich took over this place. At the end of of 2005 counted the city Geneva of 185 ' 028 inhabitants. The foreigner portion amounts toapproximately 45%, as much as in no other Swiss city.


of sons and daughters of the city

see: Sons and daughters of Geneva

temporary inhabitants

entrance to the international red cross and red half moon museum
Panorama der Stadt mit Jet d'Eau, Mont Blanc und Kathedrale vom Rive Droite (Pâquis) aus gesehen
Panorama of the city with jet d'Eau, Mont blank and cathedral seen by the Rive Droite (Pâquis) out



of the ÖPNV is completed in the city by the TPG. In Geneva quarters the Cointrin the second largest liesSwiss airport, the Aéroport international de Genève.

international organizations

in Geneva established themselves 25 international organizations.

international contracts, those the names of the city carry

partnerships between cities

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coordinates: 46° 12 ′ N, 06° 09 ′ O


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