category [ʒɑ̃ʀə] is simple a synonym of the art science for art kind or kind. Among them one understands a typology, with the works of art, music and literature, in addition, films, as well as computer games after the spatial and temporalPurchase of artistic contents to be divided. Thus there is for example the category of the Science Fiction or the Westerns in the film as in the literature.

The category painting is concerned with everyday life scenes, also anekdotischen scenes, a certain range, for example the pub.

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Sub category

often category of far specified in “Subdivided categories” (English. for “partitioned category”), briefly Sub category. This leads frequently to extensive branchings:

  • for example music category: Rockmusik -> Sub-Genre: Heavy Metal -> Sub-Genre: Black Metal -> Sub category: Viking Metal

as soon as with works of Sub category are possible, should one however rather of categories speak.

a listing of different categories

to literature

see kind (poetry/literature)



some examples (for a more exact list see film category):

sound broadcasting


see form teachings (music), kind (music), style directions of the music

of computer games

see also: Category theory, list from computer games to category

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  • Otto Knörrich, encyclopedia of the lyric forms, Kröner publishing house 2005 ISBN 3520479028

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