Category (computer game)

as with all kinds of maintenance media different of category can be differentiated also with computer games. Category differ in the kind of the interaction and play mechanisms.

theory that computer game category

strong than in other media, are those of category of the computer games by thosetechnical possibilities and/or. Restrictions determines. Since the reality cannot be copied to one-one in a computer game, the aspect which can be realized must be determined first exactly and then to be strongly abstracted, because only the completely special partial aspects can be simulated, those for the play joke aselementarily to be felt.

Thus the box - due to the small dissolution no circle was possible -, small in an apparently empty area, became reflected in the beginnings of the computer games, which realized tennis play in the play Pong as two bars (racquets). Despite immense abstractionwas the philosophy of a tennis play and/or. general ball play clearly evidently.

The progressive improvement of the hardware permits however to lower the degree always further abstraction. This has also consequences for play category. A computer game can realize several separated of category in former times at the same time by its detail degree today. Thise.g. permits the player. the choice between a action-rich or rather verstohlenen play way, instead of limiting it to a only one simulated play way.

computer game category in

the two-dimensional early period of the computer games above all plays from the side view dominated history that. Shoot'em ups, simmer Scroller and Jump'n'Runs were most popular category. In the late 80's increasingly also games of roles and Adventures could celebrate large successes. In particular the plays of LucasArts applied in this time as presenting products.

Center of the 90's began the transition from 2D to genuine 3D - diagram. Responsibleabove all the new Ego Shooter was - category with this change, which particularly with the plays wolf stone 3D and Doom was justified practically in the single-handed attempt by ID software. This category applies until today as the probably most popular category. Similarly successfully was in this time onlythe immense real time strategy plays - boom, which was introduced with success by COMMANDs & Conquer of Westwood. This kind replaced the round-based strategy plays on the mass-market, dominating up to then due to their simpler technical negotiability, play almost completely, by addressing a new, more communication-oriented target group.

Today's one Plays exhibit increasingly a trend to so-called category mixing. This is both technically (see theory), and according to the free market justified, in order to be able at the same time to refer the target group from several category trailers.

Thus for example Diablo uses characteristics of classical games of roles (e.g. the improvement of the played character by thatCollect from articles), had however a substantially higher action portion.

list that category

an organization into a certain category is only conditionally possible with many plays, since elements of different categories are often mixed. That leads to an extended allocation (partial with Sub category).However there is no scientifically recognized organization also here.

It is dealt preferentially with individual characteristics of the play, instead of a play into a certain category to obligations.

see also: the list from computer games to category, category theory


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