Category painting

a category picture (also: Custom picture) is the painted illustration of an everyday life scene - e.g. Groups of people, scenes and actions - which the painter the life of its time, which it surrounding reality inferred.

January sea: Young woman with a water jug at the window, around 1662
Carl pointed way: Newspaper reader in the garden, 1847

the category painting developed around 1500 with realism. She experienced her high point in the Netherlands painting 17. Century. Earlier investigation beginnings interpreted the representing of the so-called “golden Eeuw” usually than graphic scenes of the everyday life. In the last thirty years it succeeded to decode more the ikonographischen context. It became clear thereby that many alleged “category scenes” had rather their basis in popular plays or proverbs. Thus one could stress the cultural background of their later owners.

In the first half 19. Century (conventional Meier) the category painting revived again as so-called social tendency picture, this time in connection with a stronger turn to realism.


the category picture does not have to do anything with the term category.


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