Gentleman Usher OF the Black Rod

Gentleman Usher OF the Black Rod, generally simply as Black Rod designation, is the title of a struggle-high official in a number of parliaments in Great Britain and further Commonwealth states. On German the title can be translated into for instance with “doorman of the black staff”.

In the House OF lord (upper house) represents the Black Rod the British monarch. The name of the title is derived from its symbol of the authority, a staff from ebony with a golden lion. Its counterpart in the House OF Commons (House of Commons) is the Serjeant RK arm. The task of the Black Rod most well-known in the public is its central role at the solemn opening of parliament.

In the united kingdom the office was created in the year 1350 by a royal decree, the name used today developed however only 1522. Other Commonwealth states followed this example, than them the Westminster Parlamentssystem took over. The Black Rod appointed by the monarch carries out a set of official actions: He is a personal representative of the monarch in the House OF lord, secretary lord of the Great Chamberlain as well as Platzanweiser and doorman at meetings of the trousers volume medal.

With each meeting of the lords the Black Rod or its deputy, the Yeoman Usher must be present. They have the task to arrest each lord (or senator) who offends against the house regulation of the parliament, like e.g. Depreciating and disturbance of the parliament enterprise or improper behavior. In Great Britain he is also a representative of the commission, that is responsible for security and the maintenance of the Palace OF Westminster.


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