Geo (magazine)


the new picture of the earth

field of activity interdisciplinary
language German
first seeming 1976
publishing house (country) the Green and year (D)
publisher -
editor-in-chief Peter-Matthias Gaede
feature monthly
edition 0.464 millions
Range - millions
ISSN ISSN 0342-8311

the magazine GEO is a report magazine Hamburg publishing house houses of the Greens and year and 1976 by Rolf Gillhausen was based. Famous the magazine is particularly for their opulenten photo distances and detailed reports. The topic spectrum reaches from science over politics and journey up to medicine and biology. Editor-in-chief is at present Peter Matthias Gaede.

magazine family

beside GEO, the green bordered monthly magazine, gives it the LINE in such a way specified to Extensions - independent magazine rows, which appear also under the Logo GEO and in each case use another color than Coverumrandung:

  1. GEO Special is mono topic table a travel magazine and appears since 1981, at first quarterly and meanwhile 2-monatlich. Each expenditure dedicates itself to a country, a region or a city. Edition in IV. Quarter 2005: 83662 copies.
  2. GEO knowledge is mono topic tables a science row and is half-yearly concerned since 1987 with the newest developments and trends of the human and natural sciences and their effects on humans and society. Edition: 140000 copies.
  3. GEO season is multi-topic table a travel magazine and appears since 1989 ten times in the year with in each case a emphasis Destination, a dossier, Tipps for city journeys and additional information. Edition in IV. Quarter 2005: 125300 copies.
  4. GEOlino is a child magazine, appears since 1996 - monthly since 2000 - and addresses themselves to children between eight and 14 years. Texts, photography, illustrations and topic-mix supplemental by child-fair booklet components such as play Tipps, mysteries, Logeleien, tinkering guidances, actions and poster. Edition in IV. Quarter 2005: 270045 copies.
  5. GEOlino specially appears quarterly, reported since December 2002 on in each case a special topic and is for children of eight to 16 years. This concerns about 100 sides a strong special edition of the magazine GEOlino.
  6. GEO season for Geniesser appears half-yearly since 1999 and shows landscapes, gardens, living styles, restaurants, hotels and holidays domiciles. Edition: 70000 copies.
  7. GEO epoch is a historical magazine and concerns itself with large historical topics like old Egypt, the Roman realm or the Middle Ages, just as however with contemporary history as the years of the foundation of the Federal Republic or the meaning of the 11. September 2001. It appears at first half-yearly since 1999, and since 2004 quarterly. Edition in IV. Quarter 2005] of 166957 copies.
  8. GEO compactly - the bases of the knowledge prepared in each case mono topic tables a booklet row and a large topic of the general education is up. It appears since 2004 quarterly. Edition: 180000 copies.
  9. Geo edition, for example „Cuba “and „Norway “appear in the large size and have portion of the color photos of approximately 50%.

With the television station ARTE the magazine 360° runs - the geo report with a length from 30 minutes, partly in addition, 55 minutes.

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