George book man

Georg Büchmann, Portrait und Signatur
George book man, Portrait and signature

(August Methusalem) George book man (* 4. January 1822 in Berlin, † 24. February 1884 in Berlin beautiful mountain) was a German Philologe.

Who could expect more from me?
For everyone am Ia world!
The age a memory garden,
the youth a discovery field.

(The book winged words placed in front slogan.)

George book man visited the Joachimsthal High School in Berlin, studied 1841 to 1844 theology, linguistics as well as archaeology in Berlin and attained a doctorate 1845 in attaining. After the national teaching profession examination 1848 first teachers at the French High School in Berlin, then 3 years in Brandenburg to the Havel and finally from 1854 to 1877 language teachers at the vocational school in Berlin Friedrichswerder. Its largest work was the collection and publication of the German quotation treasure as winged words. Quotation:

A winged word is continuously an utterance, an expression or a name, much which language, aforementioned in further circles, whose historical author or its literary origin is provable.

GeorgeBook man lived many years in Berlin beautiful mountain, Frobenstrasse 1, Zietenstrasse 20 (his last dwelling) and deceased in the Maison de Santé. Its grave is appropriate for Matthäus Kirchhof on the old pc. - in the Schöneberger Grossgörschenstrasse (abbott K 70/20) with the inscription: “Humans are shade dream ".


  • winged words, the Citatenschatz of the German people (1864)
  • over the characteristic differences between the Germanic and slawischen language trunks, Diss. Attain 1845

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