George Domizlaff

George Heinrich Christian Domizlaff (* 14. June 1854 in Soest, † 28. October 1937 in Leipzig), president of the regional directorate in Leipzig and field upper post office master in the First World War.

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his Rufnamen George receive it after the grandfather of his nut/mother, professor Georg W. Lorsbach in Herborn and Jena. George Domizlaff is the only child from the first marriage of its father with Emilie Lorsbach. Its nut/mother dies at the age of 29 years, asit is 9 months old.

George Domizlaff start 1874 under his father, the director of post office Julius Dumzlaff in Celle, as Posteleve its service at the imperial post office. In the summer 1877 in such a way George Domizlaff becomes at expiration of the usual three-year Elevenzeit the first examination,secretary examination mentioned, certified and, after he successfully put these down, the post office trainee appointed. Starting from 1. It carries its military service for October out 1877 with the 1. Hannover infantry regiment No. 74 as a one year's einjährig-Freiwilliger off. To 30. It will dismiss September 1878 as „a surplus NCO with the qualification to the reserve officer “.To 14. April 1883 it becomes the Seconde lieutenant of the reserve of the 1. Rheini infantry regiment No. 25 appointed.

At the 1. October 1878 start George Domizlaff its first employment as a post office trainee within the range of the imperial regional directorate Strasbourg in the Elsass. Soon thereafter it puts for thatAscent into higher ranks necessary second, the higher postal administration examination in such a way specified off. Afterwards it gets first for a test starting from 1. March 1883 the office official place 1. Class in the realm post office transfer. At the 1. September 1883 it becomes the imperial regional directorate secretary and at the 1. October 1884 to the imperial post office cashierappointed.

In the spring of the yearly 1894 the post office supervisor Georg Domizlaff transfers the administration of a post office advice place to Frankfurt/Main and becomes to 7. July 1894 appointed the imperial post office advice.

To 20. April 1896 becomes it the place of a post office advice with the imperial regional directorate in Erfurttransferred. By the realm post office it becomes to 7. May 1901 for the case of mobilization to the director of army post office of the army post office management Brandenburg (Havel) determines; at the same time it is reset from the Waffendienst. At the 11. August 1904 it is intended for the same case to the field upper post office master. Nearly exactly ten years later- with the beginning of the First World War - he should take over this task.

To 30. It already receives its appointment as the imperial upper post office advice to March 1903 and to 9. March 1904 to the imperial director of upper post office. George Domizlaff was at this time 50 years old and its servicealready 30 years amounted to.

At the 1. April 1904 he transfers the place of director of upper post office to Leipzig. To 17. To December 1910 he gets the character as a secret upper post office advice with the rank of an advice of second class lent.

With beginning of the First World War George Domizlaff is 60 years old,as he in August 1914 his task as field upper post office masters and directors/conductors of the German army postal service nature transfers. It remains up to the end of war in the office. As model for the measures which can be introduced in the Kriegsfall only the army postal service organized in the war 1870/71 under Heinrich of Stephan was present. At the 1.August 1914 is issued the instruction for mobilization and all Postbehörden by telegraph about the mobilization is informed. The army post office of large headquarters becomes to 2. August first in Berlin set up, it takes its activity however only to 14. August in Koblenz up.

As highest leaders thatIt has to fight to army postal service at first with substantial difficulties. Zuletzt war die Feldpost über vierzig Jahre zuvor im deutsch-französischen Krieg von Heinrich von Stephan mobilisiert und geleitet worden. To develop an organization over half Europe, whereupon the army postal service was not in the first months of the warprepared been. Since consequently the installation of the army postal service took place not so smoothly, the field upper post office master Domizlaff was criticized by different sides. Only by a change of the competencies - Domizlaff is generally speaking headquarters subordinated to the quarter master - an improvement results. By the awardthe rank of an advice I. Class to 6. January 1916 attains George Domizlaff the position of a general in imperial headquarters.

George Domizlaff is suggested by sponsors and friends briefly after the end of war for the position of a post office Minister, but the change of political conditions and thoseResignation of the emperor prevented this. Numerous ones in and foreign war honors as well as eight high peace honors are lent to him, among other things the Prussian red eagle medal II. Class with oak leaves to black-and-white gang. To 4. February 1908 was it of the king of Sweden the commander cross II. Class of the Wasa medallent.

As a boss of the general staff of the army in the First World War Paul von Hindenburg thanks you to 6. January 1919 with the field upper post office master Domizlaff: „With the Demobilmachung of the field army the activity of the army postal service ends. It is me a need, from my place on this occasionTo express owing to and acknowledgment for the services carried out in 4 ½ year old wartime that field armies. - I do not know here in detail all earnings/services of the army postal service, which - the development of the army following - had to create an organization, as it was not to be foreseen approximately, to emphasize. Itbefore war history their well-deserved appreciation will find. - “

His service as field upper post office masters George Domizlaff places officially to 16. January 1919 and transfers again its office to Leipzig.

George Domizlaff is 1921 joint founders of the combination „German army postal service federation (registered association), seat Leipzig “, from the earlierThe army postal service belonging, which Etappentelegrafie and the German postal administrations in the before times occupied hostile areas are brought into being. Later he is appointed honorary presidents of this federation.

Apart from his official activity George Domizlaff is artistically, cultural and historically interested man. To the guests andFriends of the family in Leipzig a number of well-known artists and intellectual count, like e.g. beside political and social function carriers. the writers Theodor of since-bad and Franz Werfel, the family of the director/conductor of the garb house orchestra Arthur Nikisch, the physician and writers Curt Thesing as well as the sculptorand painter max of Klinger.

After nearly 50jähriger service steps George Domizlaff in June 1923 into the retirement. To 17. September 1937 he celebrates still the celebration of the golden wedding with his Mrs. Anna Katharina, geb. Boeter. Few weeks later, to 24. October 1937, diesit in Leipzig after short illness.

George Domizlaff becomes to 28. October 1937 buried in the context of a solemn state funeral at the south cemetery in Leipzig. End of the 60's is cleared the large tomb by the authorities.


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