George Eberlein

Professor. George Eberlein (* 13. April 1819 in lime trees; † 8. July 1884 in Nuremberg) was a building master and a painter.


Eberleins birth place was in the former Messnershaus beside the church pc. Leonhard in lime trees, which was torn off 1975. In its place Gedenkstein was established.

It builds the residents of Munich Markuskirche and was from 1858 to 1878 teachers/professor at the Nürnberger college of arts and crafts.

It placed the castle Hohenzollern (1854), which Erfurter cathedral and the Aschaffenburger pin church again and decorated, together with Heideloff - whose pupil it was - lock Liechtenstein, the celebrations Coburg and lock Landsberg with Meiningen out.

In the pc. George's church in Guttenberg it provided the cover picture of the Hl to 1862. George as well as at the south side “Ascension Day Christie”. Numerous further works show its Frankish homeland z. B. a local opinion of market Erlbach or the water color 'Frankish Tracht in the Rangau '.

After it the George Eberlein road in Nuremberg was designated.

Its son Johann George Eberlein (* 12. February 1858 in lime trees; † 11. October 1918 in Baselesi) continued the tradition as an architect and was z. B. in the building of the Trinitatiskirche in Cologne takes part.


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